Serafettin Yoruk: TheAbraaj has gone into a partnership with Yorsan, not bought.

Founder of Yorsan, Serafettin Yoruk said that a perception that Yorsan has been sold occurred,  despite their statements made previously, this perception has not changed, and he added:” TheAbraaj has gone into a partnership with Yorsan, not bought”.   

The founding partner of Yorsan from the most radical industrialist in Turkey, Honorary President and Chairman of the Board of Directors in Yorsan, Serafettin YORUK said that the information related that Yorsan has been sold was wrong. Yörük said, “News called “Yorsan were sold” in media naturally gave rise to misunderstandings. AbraajCapital who is a fund company from Dubai has gone into a partnership with us by investing in our company.  We are still at work as Co-founder and the shareholder of the Yorsan. We do not compromise on quality as before, our people can be at ease, they can continue to consume Yorsan products with peace of mind. Our aim of this partnership is to make our company that is a giant in Turkey as a world’s giant”.          


Yörük said the following words about Yoryapı: “we have allocated $ 1 billion budget for the construction sector, real estate and large-scale projects. We are planning to construct a different city where people will able to meet all of their needs and include in hotel, hospital, school, shopping center, parking in such large projects in Istanbul. We aim to move the same brand value to the construction sector with the signature of Yoryapı with 50 years of knowledge and confidence gained. We aim to break grounds to bring revolutionary expanding our investments in construction sector as well as in Yorsan.” 

In Yoryapı Serafettin Yoruk is working as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and also Teoman Yoruk is working as Deputy Chairman of the Board. Also, Members of the Board consists Mustafa Yoruk, Fatih Yoruk and Fahri Yörük.