About Us

Yoryapı is an establishment of Yor Group which operates in construction sector.  

Yor Groups’ foundation was laid in 1964 with the establishment of Yorukler Gıda Limited Sirketi by Serafettin Yoruk and his brothers. In 1979, with the purchase of a dairy farm in Susurluk,  Yorsan A.S. was established and became the first in its field by getting started the first white cheese factory of Turkey in 1984. With this sizable investment to food industry, a brand value, which is now globalized, has been brought out by continuing successful activities which reach from tradition to the future. Now it is aimed to carry the same brand value to the construction industry with the help of 50 years experience and gained trust.     

Yoryapı is an outstanding vision corporate company which aims to break revolutionary grounds in the construction sector as in the food sector by extending its investments.  


Yoryapı, having one of a kind approach in every field, sends its employees to various countries in the world in order to attend professional trainings and evaluate the newest projects in the world from the  historical architecture of Middle East’s to the contemporary architecture of Europe, from the classical buildings of Asia to the inspiring architecture of North and South America. Moreover, Yoryapı is a unique company which follows the innovations and develops them and construct its buildings in accordance with them.  

Yoryapı also uses eco friendly Technologies and produce sustainable projects without compromising its unique attitude. It continues as a company which has the endeavor to protect sentimental values and prioritize not only its customers’ but also its employees’ satisfactions.